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Learn To Play The Lydian Mode EASY!

In the lesson of today I will show you how to play the Lydian mode on guitar in a few EASY steps

E Lydian is the 4th mode of B Major scale. It could be played over a variety of chords like E5 (power chord) E Maj 7th or E Major. Lydian is a major mode since it has a major 3rd interval.

E Lydian mode - scale chart for guitar

1- Start by locating the root note E in your favorite position (Typically fret 7 on A string) then find other places of the root note all over the fretboard.

The backing track of our lesson today has 2 sections

(beside that exotic sounding intro!)

Verse E5 F#5 E5 G#5

Chorus B F# G#m E | B F# G#m

Note that in the chorus part we will shift focus to relative Aeolian in G# and relative Ionian in B.

2- As you start to improvise in the verse part, try to play a simple short for 3 notes. Add emphasis on the Bb note (which is the #4th that gives this mode its exotic sound) then resolve back to root note E.

A sample of this is that repeating phrase played in the intro part.

3- In the chorus part you can start by playing B Ionian which has that major scale sound. Then as the chords change to the second part you can play G# minor pentatonic or natural minor pentatonic.

If you like more Lydian backing tracks to play along with, check this playlist on Spotify

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