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Arabic Guitar

Arabic Guitar

Arabic Guitar

In this page I will share everything I learned throughout my journey that has to do with my Arabic/Egyptian style on the guitar.

Videos, lessons, jam tracks, techniques, tabs..etc

I am a self-taught musician. That does not in anyway mean that I have learned everything on my own.

The Fact is.

I have had many teachers that I never met face to face. Yet I have studied and practiced all their methods that I could get my hands on.¬†From printed magazines, chord dictionaries, books, CD’s until today with all the technology and flood or resources online.

Since 2000,

I have developed an interesting style that uses the guitar as an instrument to play Arabic/Egyptian melodies. It mixes both of the worlds.. The east and the west.

That does not only have to do with scales but with much more like technique, knowledge of Maqam system and most importantly the Middle Eastern culture itself which is my biggest influence and inspiration.

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