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33 Arabic Guitar Trap Licks Pack 1

Want to play that exotic Arabic sound on your guitar and compose solos with it?

Oriental Hijaz Licks

15 Original Hijaz melodies inspired by authentic music from the Middle East. These are not just scale runs up and down using the harmonic minor scale! Those are highly influenced licks that will get that exotic Arabic sound on the guitar.

Video Files

15×3 videos of licks demonstrated in 3 tempos (slow – medium – fast) showing the position of the scale to be played on the guitar fretboard

Audio Files

Separate audio files give you the option to listen only by ears. This helps to internalize the sound of the Hijaz scale and focus solely on how each lick is constructed and played

Guitar Tabs

All licks are available in tabs. Power tabs for GuitarPro or TuxGuitar and regular pdf tabs

Standard Notation

All licks are available in standard notation as well. All pdf’s include both tab and notation.

Guide, Scale Charts

Ready to print eBook is included to help you get the most benefit. Scale charts are included to help you visualize scales and view while playing along with backing jam tracks and as you practice playing the licks

Backing Tracks

3 extended backing tracks for soloing + 4 drones to practice scale patterns and positions + drum beats in various tempos and styles 

(alone worth $14.95)


The Hijaz is one of the most popular scales used in the music of the Middle East. It’s commonly known as the equivalent of the phrygian dominant. (Not quite exactly as you will see). It’s an essential scale to play Arabic Guitar



Unlike many resources online that will help you play runs (or shred) up & down the harmonic minor scale. This course’s main aim is to show you how you can play Arabic scales (Hijaz in specific in this volume) effectively by listening to and practicing melodic phrases (licks) or melody lines. 


Once you have that unique sound embedded in your ears and mind you will be able to speak Arabic melodies and music on your guitar

Practice right..

With the download you get audio material that will be very useful to train your ears, embed the scale sound in your mind and soul. Those include drum beats for time and precision practice. Drones to practice visualization and path finding all over the fretboard and backing tracks to practice soloing and improvisation.

Easy to follow and to play..

You can start with a couple of videos, then decide which one you would like to play first. There is no certain sequence to play the licks. Some licks are easier than others ranging between easy and intermediate. All licks are mostly demonstrated in 3 tempos; slow, medium and fast unless they are not suitable for the fast tempo. Use the scale diagrams to visualize the position in which each lick is played.

Max. Flexibility

You can work on this course at your own pace. No need to rush and No dead-line. You can take this digital package with you anywhere on mobile or tablet.  That helps you have that unique sound of the Hijaz scale available not only when you are playing but when you are chilling or walking..

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Listen to Arabic guitar instrumental music by chusss on these streaming services.

Here is a sample Arabic guitar improvisation using the Hijaz scale (Phrygian Dominant mode)

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