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Only Blues Vol.1 (2017)

Only Blues. Backing Tracks Vol.1

Only Blues backing tracks is an album specially arranged to help people just starting to play the blues take their playing-ability and skills to the next level.

You can not simply master the blues by merely playing the minor pentatonic scale up and down the neck. In this album 12 tracks in various keys and styles in ranging tempos. This album is almost 3 hours long of blues music that will definitely help you along the way to master blues soloing on your favorite instrument(s).

Instrumentalists of all kinds, keyboardists, violinists, guitarists, bassists and players of other instruments like harmonica, sax, cello, viola, drums and percussion. All can benefit by practicing improvisation in various keys applying different scales. 

Some of the keys covered in Only Blues Volume.1

Em Am

Some of the scales you can practice with this album

Pentatonic Minor Scale
Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode)
Harmonic Minor Scale
Pentatonic Major Scale
Minor Blues Scale
Major Blues Scale
Dorian Mode
Mixolydian Mode

Some of the musical styles included in this volume:
(All 12 bar quick change for a more focused practice)

Texas Blues – Chicago Blues
Minor Blues Ballad
Blues Boogie
Blues Rock
Blues Shuffle 

Tempos range between 60 and 150 Bpm
Total Duration = 02:46 hours

Album homepage (Get a 15$ discount when you purchase now for a 10 days period)

Take a listen to this album here

Check youtube link for guided video backing tracks that include playing tips and neck diagrams of all the scales used to play the blues on guitar.

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