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Original Instrumental Albums by chusss – The Visitor

Original Instrumental Albums

by chusss – The Visitor






Music composition has always been a driving passion for me. As far as I remember, I used to compose inside my head even before I had any instruments to play. I always loved humming and creating melodies inside my head whenever I was kicked out of class during elementary school time. I remember doing the same whenever I had to wait for my family to come back home open the door for me as I hated school and skipped classes to return home early.

So when I started playing music, first on keyboard, it was mainly to satisfy this passion and to gain more of the pleasure to compose and to express ideas and emotions through music. I loved playing music by others, that’s a different kind of pleasure as well. Enough with this long introduction, but a final word is that the main purpose of creating all those backing tracks you can find on this website or channel for musicians is to pass knowledge and share the path I went down through my musical journey.. The Visit

Below you will find all instrumental albums I have released through the year since 2007. I have got a lot more to release, but I think I will have to wait until I can produce newer tracks in a better quality. I know it’s kind of perfectionism, but as you know, the look of the food itself makes a huge difference.

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