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Using Our Backing Tracks in your video or song

Using Our Tracks

First, we are happy you like one or some of out backing tracks. Our main aim is to provide useful tracks for people who are starting to learn improvisation and people who would like to practice and enjoy the pleasure of musical soloing.

Here are 2 scenarios to use our backing tracks

  • You can use our tracks freely in your YouTube video as long as:
  • You don’t monetize or make money by publishing in digital stores like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify..etc.
  • You are required to download our backing track first from our store at bandcamp or others and include a link to our backing track video on YouTube or audio at bandcamp in the description of your video. Usually tracks are between $1.99-4.99 based on the cost of production
  • If you like to use our track as a backing for your song or instrumental that you intend to publish commercially on CD, online stores like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify..etc you need a written permission provided by us. Email here to request Note This kind of license usually costs between $20-50 based on the details of your intended music to publish. If you like to use in TV or Film that would usually cost more, to be calculated upon request.

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