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5 Reasons To Learn Music Modes (Video)

5 Reasons To Learn Music Modes

In this video I talked a bit about my journey since I started to play the guitar. I share with you a few benefits you may get when you learn music modes in general.

Also when you learn how to play modes on guitar. Below I have included a few links of playlists and backing tracks that will help you learn guitar modes.

Mostly all videos of backing tracks on my channel include scale charts and maps you can visually use while playing.

I have received some positive feedback on this method from people around the world.

Hope you find this a useful tool as an introduction to play modes on guitar.

If this takes your music playing a step ahead it means a lot to me.

All I intend is to share my method as an invitation to everyone to enjoy the pleasure of playing music and expressing yourself on your favorite music instrument whether guitar or anything else.

Check these modes volumes with backing tracks in 7 modes each
in E http://bit.ly/7modesEbc
in G http://bit.ly/7modesGbc

Here is a playlist with a collection of backing tracks you can play along with to practice modes on your guitar or any other instrument

Here is a link for Dorian mode backing tracks

Spotify playlist

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