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7 Guitar Modes Backing Track in (E)

7 Guitar Modes Backing Track in (E)

Time to play guitar eh?

I published a new video on YouTube this week. It is about playing the music modes on guitar.

Guitar modes can be so powerful to help you have tons of fun jamming while taking your guitar playing and amusement to the next level.

You will have to play all 7 music modes starting from the same root note E.

This will easily and quickly let your ears hear the unique sound and the big difference between all modes.


Guitar Modes are 7. In order they are

1- Ionian
2- Dorian
3- Phrygian
4- Lydian
5– Mixolydian
6- Aeolian
7- Locrian 

Here is a link to the video. It has 7 snippets of all 7 backing tracks of the different modes.

All 7 Modes Jam Track in (E)

Time to play your guitar eh? 🙂

If you like to get all 7 modes package  (8 extended guitar modes backing tracks + scale diagrams for all modes +PDF + video)

here is a link to purchase it from Bandcamp

If you like to play the extended version of those backing tracks FREE, you can stream this volume totally for free on Spotify

Only Backing Tracks on Spotify

here https://spoti.fi/2Y2zzx1

or just use this player right on this page

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