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Arabic Guitar Jam with Samba Dance Track by chusss

Arabic Guitar Jam by chusss

with Samba Dance Track

Full jam with that Samba Dance backing track. It was totally unrehearsed, but I think not that bad 🙂

This track could be very useful and joyful if you like to practice some Arabic guitar Hijaz licks or other Arabic scales (NahawandKurd).

If you are wondering of the names and how they could be Arabic, well obviously they are not however those scales were always used in the entire Middle East + Turkey + Iraq + Iran.

Nahawand is the equivalent to the natural minor scale (Aeolian Mode).

Kurd is the equivalent of Phrygian.

Hijaz is the equivalent of Phrygian Dominant.

Check the scale diagrams below to see how they are all related to the parent A Minor scale and check the sample solo in the jam video to see various ideas of how you can mix them all in your playing. Here is a link to the backing track if you like to give it a try now

Note that the phrygian mode (and the phrygian dominant) is the 3rd mode related to the major scale but the 5th related to the minor scale. For me personally, the fact that Ant note A I can see has a E note as a fifth makes things much easier to comprehend and ready to utilize in my phrasing and soloing in general.


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