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Clapton Style Blues Rock Lesson

Clapton Style Blues Rock (in D Minor)

It has been a busy new year, but I am happy to come back with a new post in Jan 🙂 Blues rock time!

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This is a blues rock backing track that has been released before in other keys E, G.. This time we have D Minor. It is in the style of Eric Clapton.

Chord Progression

1- Dm Bb Gm C x3  Dm Bb Gm A7

2- Bb C Dm Dm7 x2  Bb C Dm Gm  Bb C Dm Dm7 A7

As you see it has two parts like a verse and a chorus.

Commonly in all blues and blues rock music you can safely play the D Minor pentatonic or D Minor blues with all chords. If you like to add a new color you can play the D Harmonic Minor when the chord playing is A7

Check the following scale diagrams

 D Minor Blues

D Harmonic Minor

Hope you find this useful and have a good time with the jam 🙂

Stay tuned for more. Thanks to all patrons for their support.


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