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Easy Blues Licks Vol. 19-1

Easy Blues Licks

Best way to get a notable progress as you play guitar is to be able to effectively play clear melody lines rather than just playing some scales up and down the guitar fretboard.

Do you find yourself playing the minor pentatonic or the blues scales ascending or descending in a non-musical way?

Do you feel lost? Trying to understand which scales to play or what to do with major and minor blues

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you have to try this volume of easy blues licks. You will quickly learn the building blocks of popular blues licks.

All licks shown in this volume are based on the most used positions by blues guitar legends like BB King, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton to name a few. Once you are able to visualize those positions and see them clearly on the guitar fretboard, you will then be able to shift your focus to new keys and new positions where you can apply same licks or modify and build your own original licks.

In this pack of blues guitar licks you get to see a video to show how a lick is played then you get to learn how to play it using the tab included.

Once your hands are familiar and can play one or more licks you can then start to play along with any of the 5 blues jam tracks included to train yourself how to play these licks in context. You can also train yourself to change any of the licks to build your own then play along with the jam tracks.

Here is what you get

in this Easy Blues Licks Vol. 19-1 pack

A collection of 15 (+3) tasty blues guitar licks in B.
Shift any of them to be played in any key you prefer

  • 5 Blues Backing tracks in varied styles and tempo
  • Scales diagrams and chords
  • 18 blues licks in video and audio formats
  • Guitar pro tabs
  • Image tabs you can print or view on PC or mobile
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