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4 Steps To Unlock The Guitar Fretboard

4 Steps To Unlock The Guitar Fretboard

well, I hope you don’t start to get touchy about unlocking your guitar fretboard. I know it may sound it something you might need to do physically to your actual guitar. I assure you it is not. But..

If you don’t navigate freely everywhere on your guitar fretboard that means that it is unlocked. You are not free to play whatever you want to play and you are lost between those frets inside the maze of those notes on the guitar fretboard.

Today this lesson will show you a proven method that will unlock the guitar fretboard in 4 simple ways. It will allow you to gain the freedom you need to solo on your guitar and express your ideas and feelings the way you hear it and feel it inside your mind and heart.


Watch the video below for a practical example

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My main target is to share the pleasure of playing music on your favorite instrument.

Since the main focus on my channel is playing guitar, I decided today to share with you a powerful method that will unlock the guitar fretboard for you in 4 simple steps.


Of course this will need some word and dedication from your side, but I can guarantee that this will super charge your playing and take you soloing to the next level.

Once the guitar fretboard is unlocked, you will be able to find your way easily to play any scale or mode you want. With time and practice you can embellish your playing by applying some techniques and tricks. That will be the focus of some future videos.

The method we will use today, I call it “roots” since it is based on root notes or melodic center of any scale.

Unlike many other methods about the guitar fretboard topic, it doesn’t rely on the memorization of positions it is based on dividing each position to visual patterns

As you can see in the fretboard diagram above it has a different pattern on each string. That can be too difficult specially if you are new to playing guitar.

I am not saying that positions are not helpful. I am saying that before positions there is a simple way first that will make using positions much easier.

This simple way is the “roots” method I will show you today.


Instead of taking a huge amount of energy and time to memorize specific positions, or practice some boring exercises, we take each position individually and divide it smaller patterns

Here are  The simple four steps to apply this method

1- Find root notes in a position (with the aim to cover the entire fretboard eventually).

2- Play the desired scale from a root note to the octave.

3- Train your eyes to see the visual pattern between these two root notes

4- Repeat that visual pattern on a new root location and a different group of strings.

Watch the video below for a practical example

if you like to download all fretboard diagrams needed for this lesson here is a link for you

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Thanks to Jisu Han for the image used in this post.

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