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Blues Backing Tracks (12 Keys)

Blues Backing Tracks (12 Keys)

Blues backing tracks 12 keys

Have you been hiding your guitar under the bed for years? Or your keyboard behind the couch?

Have you been passionate about playing the blues on your favorite instrument?

Do you love singing or writing soulful blues songs with tasty solos?

Do you feel frustrated or lost because you don’t know in which direction to go so your music playing be taken to the next level?

If one of these questions describe you, then probably you need to try a modern method that will help you have the freedom of playing music effortlessly. If you need an accompaniment with you to sing or play solos then this volume is for you. Blues Backing Tracks is a volume of 12 tracks all blues. These are some the hottest Blues tracks in 12 different keys. If you like to practice playing different scales in different keys on your instrument, this volume will be a useful tool for you.



Each track in Blues Backing Tracks (12 keys) is extended to allow rhythm and time of the music to be internalized. All tracks are 10+ minutes Once you get the feel of the chords playing in the background you will be able to practice improvisation or solo composition using your favorite scale. Most blues players use pentatonic minor and minor blues scales to play along with backing tracks like these, however the chords in this volume will allow you to play the natural and harmonic minor scales (Aeolian Mode, Aeolian Major 7th Mode)


Top benefits of this volume

– 12 extended tracks (10+ minutes each)

– Play and practice a variety of minor scales/modes.

– Scale charts ready to print Pdf is included

– Practice singing and/or song-writing

– Modern and intuitive approach to take your improvisation to the next level

As an alternative, you will also get access to unlimited streaming via a free Bandcamp app on the website.

You can also download a high-quality MP3 download, FLAC and much more when you buy this product.

It is now easier than ever, being connected online, this allows everyone to be exposed to new resources and updated with modern methods to take your music playing to the next level.

Many people found Blues Backing Tracks to be beneficial they progressed in one month more than 10 years of using older practice methods.


Now you can get this volume at a reasonable price for less than $1 per track. That will actually look too little given the amount of time and energy these backing tracks took to be produced. Once you feel the freedom of playing your instrument effortlessly and spontaneously you will experience a sense of pleasure you never had before. This is what happened to me personally as my solo playing and improvisation evolved through the years.

Testimonial (from Bandcamp)

Steve4856 I love playing the blues and these backing tracks are perfect for practicing slow blues lead guitar along with. They are well put together and they cover the blues in many different keys! I’m really enjoying them!

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