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Playing Along With Major 7th Chords (2)

Playing along with Major 7th Chords (2)

Relative Minor

Welcome again to this new post. Perhaps you have seen my latest jam along with the smooth jazz backing track and you noticed how I tend to utilize the relative minor scale in my playing while I improvise. Since I started listening to music I found myself tend to be more gravitated towards that sad/blue minor sound. At the beginning I never was able to fully relate to the major sound at all.

I know this is the case with many guitar players (as 10’s of people I met say the same).

They don’t like/understand the major sound specially when it’s PURE 100%.

In the previous post I posted scale charts for the major pentatonic scales you could play along with this backing track. In this post I will share with you my personal favorite method to mix my playing with the relative minor scales. If you are wondering about other scales or modes you can hear, you are absolutely right 🙂 but lets leave that for a future post.

Give this jam a listen, then look at the scale charts below to see where you can play the relative minor scale in F#


























and here is the charts from the previous lesson (Major pentatonics)

Simple Major 7th (1)


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