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Looped4#001 – Guided Improvisation in Am

The title of the today’s improvisation is Am (107 bpm) Half Moon Night. Use this as a reference if you are interested to follow this new series

Here is a link to download the loop used for this jam FREE

If you leave your Email when you download it you will be updated whenever more loops are uploaded. Hope you find this useful.

Chord Progression

Am7 Fmaj7 x 3 C E

A minor chord progression

Watch the following video if you like to see a sample improvisation that I played. It is guided with as much tips as I could to describe all the steps and how I progressed till the end of the video.

I will start by playing simple phrases using the A natural minor scale then change the taste of melodies by playing some minor pentatonic licks

Check the scale diagrams below

Use the following scale diagrams to play along with that loop.

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