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Play Along Lesson – Play a Solo With Relative Major and Minor Changes (EASY)

Hi. Welcome to a new play along guitar lesson episode by chusss Music.

Today I will show you a demo solo that I played along with a backing track released this month May 2019

Take a listen to the backing track here. It is a B minor backing track basically. However it has 2 sections. The first is played in B Minor and the second (chorus part) is played in D Major which the Parent scale of the relative minor (Aeolian Mode) in B

chord progressions

two groups of chord progressions are used in this backing track

1- Bm7 F#m7 Em7 F#m7

2- D A G A

The scales we can play along with these changes are

1- B Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode)

B natural minor scale diagram

2- D Major Scale (Ionian Mode)

D major scale diagram

We can use these scales mainly and we can also use the pentatonic versions. The minor pentatonic in B and the major pentatonic in D

Here is a scale diagrams for the pentatonic version

pentatonic scales

One way to use this scale diagram is to choose one position. For example the one starting on fret 7 on low E string. It is the note B play up using the notes highlighted, count 5 notes. Now you have the B Minor Pentatonic Scale.

Using the same position and the same scale diagram, now play from fret 10 which is the note D. Play the next notes, count 5 notes (since it is a pentatonic scale that has only 5 notes) Now you have the D Pentatonic Major

Find the play along video lesson below. I will show you how to play the chord progressions in various ways, chord diagrams are included in the video. I will also play a demo solo for you guided with some commentary about the different ideas I am using to improvise and construct a play along solo with the backing track.

If you like to buy this backing tracks or similar ones released this year on Bandcamp and Youtube, here is a link for you

Only Backing Tracks

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